CARBOfit is a product of the company Derma Art and introduces new possibilities and development of health clubs, wellness, sport centres and physiotherapy. It is a device used for so-called CARBOfit treatments. The word “carbo” stands for carbon – since the procedure is based on harnessing the positive effects of carbon dioxide.The basic and essential effect gained by the CARBOfit treatment is an intense increase of blood circulation. Even with the most intense exercises blood circulation in the peripheral parts of the body remains poor. CARBOfit affects those areas and reaches to the level of microcirculation.

How does CARBO®fit increase the blood circulation ?

CARBOfit enables us to apply CO2 to the body. Since CO2 is a liposolubility gas, it can pass through the skin. This causes causes intraepithelial nerve endings, which in a human skin represent more than a million receptive bodies, to respond to a higher CO2 partial pressure in the tissues. By this we can improve the micro-circulation of the blood and lymph. Our blood contains sensors sensitive to the amount of CO2 and O2 in our blood. Their work begins when they detect an increased amount of CO2. Then they send a message to the central sensors, which inform the brain that more oxygen has to be delivered to the tissues. The brain then sends a signal to the affected tissues to widen the veins, because a larger amount of blood enriched with O2 is flowing from the lungs.

Four CARBO®fit programmes

The intense boost of blood circulation provided by CARBOfit is used for four reasons. The combination of physical exercise and CARBOfit treatments enables a much better result from sports exercises – a faster regeneration after training sessions, radically shorter recovery period after sport injuries, quicker weight loss in your bums, tums and thighs and not to forget, this is the ONLY procedure that truly eliminates the causes for cellulite.

Therefore CARBOfit is unquestionably a great investment for many businesses, as they can contribute with only a single device to the advancement of several different already existent client groups, as well as gaining new ones. CARBOfit enables physically active people to reach their goals faster, in one location and in a healthy, natural way.


  • Quickly heals micro-tears in muscles
  • Relaxes cramped muscular structures
  • Faster lactate decomposition
  • Optimal blood circulation in the muscles
  • Quick secretion of metabolic products
  • Improves supply of muscle and connective tissues with nutrients
  • Soothes myalgia (muscle pain)
  • Decreases length of regeneration
  • Improves immune resistance
  • Improves flexibility of the joints

Recent studies confirm that the first 30 minutes after intense exercise are crucial for faster regeneration. Immediately after the exercise CARBOfit retains the blood flow speed in the muscles at the same level as during the physical exercise. At the same time it increases the haemoglobin affinity after O2 binding and speeds up the vasodynamic of the blood vessels, which allows the blood filled with oxygen and nutrients to quickly flow to tired muscles. This aids the draining of lactic acid and enables easier and faster excretion of metabolic bi-products. Improved circulation boosts restorative processes in the muscles and faster regeneration of the body. The muscles regain strength, the elasticity of the joint ligaments improves and the flexibility of joints increases. Relaxation and improved circulation has also a positive effects on hormone stability and resistance of the immune system.

Sport Injury Rehabilitation

  • Significantly shortens rehabilitation time after sport injuries 
  • Functions without mechanical compressing the tissues in a painless, noninvasive and natural way
  • Can be used immediately after an injury occurs
  • Renews damaged veins and microcirculation
  • Enables circulation on the affected area
  • Significantly reduces pain
  • Accelerates the healing
  • Supplies tissues with nutrients and improves elasticity of the tissues 
  • Reduces the risk of injury on the same area
  • Decreases pain already after first treatment
  • Prevents inflammation
  • Reduces edema

The symptoms of every injury to the muscles and connective or bone tissues are damaged and hindered microcirculation, swelling and pain. An injury always ruins the microcirculation in the affected area, which causes the stoppage of tissue fluids and is visible as a swelling. The swelling adds additional pressure and blocks the nearby veins. The congested fluid hinders the circulation and the veins usually need a lot of time to “process” the blocked material. The sum of these factors forces the athlete to rest. Most athletes receive conservative treatment: rest, ice, compression and elevation – RICE. The problem of this approach is prolonged immobilisation and inactivity, which decrease mobility and allow muscular atrophy.

In the body CARBOfit triggers a strong vasodynamic signal (ability of contracting and widening of the vessel wall) that forces the microvasculature to widen, so the blocked fluids can re-enter the vasculature system and be more quickly washed out of the tissue. This substantially reduces the permeability of the damaged vasculature system, swelling, release of the enflamed mediators and pain. Relief of the clinical symptoms of the injury results in a quicker healing process and enables a quicker start of rehabilitative and stretching exercises. The athlete is able to start with stretching exercises during the CARBOfit treatment, because warmed-up muscles and connective tissue with good blood circulation is considerably supple and stretchable. The CARBOfit programme entirely repairs the vein net of the damaged microcirculation, which is also very important for the prevention of repeated injuries in the same areas.

CARBO®fit and cellulite

  • Eliminates the causes for cellulite
  • Painless, non-invasive and non-aggressive method
  • Directly affects the weakened (rigid) connective tissues between the fatty cells
  • The only method suitable for cellulite areas affected with expanded capillaries and varicose veins
  • Renews skin’s elasticity

A look under a microscope does not reveal any difference between body fat tissue and cellulite. Cellulite = body fat. The only difference is the elasticity of the fibrous connective tissue that links the deeper-lying layers to the skin. Cellulite occurs when this fibrous connective tissue loses elasticity, sinks and hardens, which additionally slows down the already poor blood flow of the body fat tissue. Lack of elasticity is primarily the result of a lack of nutrients that blood delivers to the tissues. This results in the characteristic relief of the skin’s surface. With diet and weight loss one can decrease the size of fatty cells and the circumference of the fatty tissue, but can not renew the elasticity and structure of connective tissue.

The innovation of CARBOfit is the restoration of the fibrous-connective-tissue’s elasticity with a long term boost of the blood flow in the cellulite area and the successful improvement of microcirculation, due to the direct effect on the growth of capillary density. Lack of elasticity is primarily the result of a lack of nutrients that blood delivers to the tissues. The consequence of improved microcirculation is a larger number of healthy capillaries and therefore the faster removal of acid metabolic bi-products. Although body fat can be found under the skin in all parts of the body, cellulite usually occurs on the pelvic region, lower limbs and abdomen. The reason for this lies in the poorer blood circulation in areas with body fat, which function as a storage for fat reserves. Because CARBOfit treatments are completely nonaggressive and non-invasive, they are the only method suitable for those who are affected with widened capillaries and varicose veins – these often come hand in hand with cellulite or appear because of the wrong treatment of cellulite.

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